Neuchâtel and neighborhood

A factory in a cave ! it's a show unique in Europe, underground mills offer an organized visit by the brotherhood of the Millers, around hydraulics, its application and the jobs by bread.


If you want to know everything about the manufacturing of cheese, and taste some… the cheese factory of "Les Ponts de Martel" will delight the gastronomes.


The visit of the basins of the Doubs, in summer and in winter, will give you endless sensations… The wild and picturesque gorges will guide you to the viewpoint overlooking the impetuous "Saut du Doubs", spectacular falls of 27 meters, natural site, and it's the 3rd most visited site in France.

Rich in fish, the river will delight the fishermen.


The mines of asphalt from Travers are also underground. You will be able to explore the labyrinth of galleries under the attentiveness of experimented guides. You will also be able to see the titanic work of the men, who extracted this one, which has many uses and benefits.


You'll be able to visit the international museum of the watch making, which explains to you the watches history, and you will also dream about the secret of the automatons, slideshows, videos, unique collections…


Who will see the time passing… ?


Le Locle and the Hôtel des Trois Rois are happy to welcome you soon !

Just come and enjoy !